April 17, 2013

Italian Floral

One of my grandma's friends sent me this gorgeous vintage dress along with some other things. Apparently she bought the fabric in Italy and sewed the dress herself.

I wore it to church last Sunday. Since it's an early 60s style, I added my 60s-style sunglasses (from the dollar store!) and did my hair in a sort of failed-beehive-slash-french twist-updo-thingy.

I love the hip pleats!
The dress bodice is lined with interlining and has a grosgrain waist stay, plus a deep, hand-sewn hem. It's actually very similar to a vintage pattern I own:

It was so much fun! I can't wait to wear it again :)

Shoes--thrift store, $2
Sunglasses--dollar store, $1
Flannel Slip--made by me


  1. Whoa you rock that dress, girl! Love it! I'd totally wear that if it looked good on my body shape. Again love it!

  2. Yes you look amazing in that dress Ginny! You look like you should be Haley Mills in the Moonspinners or The Trouble With Angels. Two wonderful 1960s films I love.

  3. Oh wow, thanks Becca! :) I love those films too, grew up watching them :P