January 18, 2012

Ironing Board Cover

I whipped up a new ironing board cover on Sunday evening in about twenty minutes. Really, it's that simple and easy! I used this tutorial for the basics--it's really not that difficult to figure out. All you do is take off the old cover, cut off the drawstring, use the old cover as a pattern for the new one, and sew the old drawstring to the new cover. The ironing board pad/foam underneath stays as it is.

I used a lovely purple gingham cotton to match my valances and the fabric on my chair cushion. It adds a lovely, fresh dimension to my room! The old cover was really nasty and the print was abstract irons on a tan and white background--not exactly pretty. There is something so refreshing about lavender! I love it.

There was only one thing I was unhappy about with this project--my ironing board is different from the one used in the tutorial and so the drawstring of mine, with its iron print, shows on the topside of the ironing board a little bit. But it's pretty minor, I can deal with it. ;)


  1. thank you for sharing Ginny! I have been wanting to make some covers for our two ironing boards. I love the lavendar gigham! too cute!

    <3 Becca

  2. I need a new one too! I should get on that :)