May 7, 2014

Granny Stripe Afghan in 'Canyon'

What's portable, quick and easy to work on? Crocheting! In the past year of transition, with my sewing stuff neatly packed away, I've found myself turning once again to needle arts...kind of where I began.

I started this afghan last April; Tina over at the Quiet Home had made a lovely, stunning, cozy rendition and I just couldn't resist making one of my own. I used paint chips to pick out the colors (my favorite part!), partially inspired by Tina's blanket, and headed home, yarn in tow. The pattern is very simple, works up beautifully, and is a joy to behold. It took me until January to complete simply because I didn't work on it constantly or consistently.

All of the colors except the blue stripe are Vanna's Choice; I think it took three skeins of each color and I had a bunch left over. The blue is some random, more expensive wool...can't recall the name of it. I used this page to determine the size I wanted it to be.

My comfy-cozy sage green chair...hopefully it will reside in my room permanently one of these days! has been a "comfort project" of sorts, and so very easy and transportable! My friend Bethany and I were just discussing how jolting it is to go back to sewing after knitting or crocheting, to find that you have to set aside a whole chunk of time devoted solely to that, rather than being able to work on your project while someone is talking or while listening to sermons, reading, watching television, etc. Sewing, by contrast, almost makes one feel less productive. Almost ;)

Afghan making is so addicting! I almost want to make one in every color scheme available. Be on the lookout for more in future ;)

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