February 9, 2012

Regency Lady and Gentleman--Doll Outfits

I made these for a client a couple of years ago. She wanted a set of outfits for her daughters' dolls to mimic Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy from their favorite movie, BBC's Pride and Prejudice. Pictures and screencaps from the Costumer's Guide were an immense help in getting this order done.

I chose to remake Lizzie's gold-striped gown. The fabric is actually a curtain set from Wal-Mart. Underneath her dress she wears a tucked, bodiced petticoat; split-legged drawers, and stays. Her dress comes with a matching drawstring bag. I wanted to make opera gloves but hadn't time.

Mr. Darcy is appropriately attired in breeches, a shirt and tailcoat. I drafted all of his garments and I think they turned out pretty well, considering I've never done men's clothing of any kind (or any size!) although his outfit does look rather like a bullfighter's costume from far away! I don't remember where the wool and lining came from; probably a thrifted skirt or something.

Thanks to Ruthie for modeling and Rosemary for her willingness to assume gentleman's attire. ;)

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