March 3, 2012

Red Toile Shower Curtain and Matching Valance

 My grandma found this gorgeous red-orange print set of curtains at a museum sale. I've never seen toile in this color before. The background is a lovely warm cream.

I sewed the curtains together to make one large shower curtain, which attaches to the rings with tied ribbon. The leftover fabric was just enough to make a slim valance, and my mom contributed some antique doily lace to trim the bottom.


  1. This is so so lovely! Can I get you to come over to my place and make me toile curtains?!!! :) Just kidding. It is so delightfully cheerful in there, I just will have to come over and see this in person. :)


  2. So pretty! I've been wanting to redo my bathroom linens too. I think I'll have to resort to sewing up my own because I've found anything this lovely.