March 4, 2013

A Marie-Grace Christmas

Since Marie-Grace is the newest addition to the doll family here at home, I thought some Christmas presents might be appropriate.

replica of Caroline's Birthday Dress

antique book and candleholder

pearl-and-cameo necklace

Game of Graces

red silk taffeta Christmas dress, 1850s style

sleeve detail

Isn't she a beautiful doll?

She even got a new room, courtesy of some foam board and floral fabric from the stash.

(That's Great Aunt Edna over the fireplace. Great Aunt Edna is very stern.)

Methinks a background for the window is in order!

And what would Christmas be without a friend to share it with?

Addy has become our new Cecile!

Dress and necklace made by me.

chemise and lace-trimmed drawers

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