January 25, 2012

Civil War Sontag

Sontags, also known as heartwarmers, are really convenient garments. They keep your chest and back warm whilst leaving your arms free to do chores. They're not bulky and they don't fall off easily like shawls do.

I added the ruffly gray trim and tassels on the ties afterwards!

Most back in the day were knitted; I crocheted mine because I can only knit square things. I have posted the crocheting pattern here It's a little large for me, I think, but it's certainly warm and cozy!


  1. Nice! This reminds me of a poncho I crocheted. It was blue with ivory scalloped edging. Warm and cute but too cumbersome when working around the house. This may be the ticket. Incidentally, 'sontag' means Sunday in German. Connection?

  2. I've no idea of the connection but that is extremely interesting! Something to research further. Can't wait to see yours if you decide to make one :)

  3. Love it. Did you happen to save your pattern or just wing it? I'd love to be able to get a copy. Thanks!