January 5, 2012

Pumpkin Bonnet

Pumpkin bonnets were rather funny mid-nineteenth century headgear, worn strictly for warmth--rather than the decorated fashion bonnets so prevalent in the day. Pumpkin bonnets could be worn by ladies, children and infants. My version is for a little girl.

I used Past Reflections PRP009, which comes in all sizes (from infant to adult). It was very easy to make up, I really enjoyed making this bonnet. :) The outer layer is a lightweight plaid wool and it's lined with some white silk moire-type fabric I found in the scrap bin. The instructions say to line with a cotton or perhaps polished cotton, but that seemed odd to me so I changed it. The "poofiness" is lent by batting drawn up with cording. It fastens under the chin with a pale blue ribbon. Extremely warm, cute, and easy to make! Certain to keep little heads warm during chilly living history events.

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