April 9, 2013

A Cranberry Paletote and Pumpkin Muff

Yes, those are extremely long sausage curls.

I worked very hard to get these done before the Harper's Ferry event last December! The cranberry wool paletote was draped entirely by me (I love draping, it's so much fun!). Because of fabric restrictions, I had to make it mid-length instead of full-length and the two back side panels are actually a slightly different shade of wool! But I don't think you can tell unless in bright light. I based it on several fashion plates I had found along with some input from the recipient. ;)

The paletote is interlined with wool and cotton flannel scraps and lined with a silky purple mystery fabric--found at the thrift store ages ago. I trimmed the whole thing in black soutache braid to make it a bit fancier.


The pumpkin muff was drafted up precisely to match the pumpkin bonnet--lined with white silk moire, tied with pale blue ribbons at the ends. I don't think fabric muffs are accurate to the era but in this one instance I don't care. :P

See the mismatched side panels? *cringe*

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