December 29, 2011

1940s Overalls

I needed something warm, cute and practical to wear down to the barn on chilly winter mornings and vintage overalls seemed to be the perfect garment. :) I loved Solanah's pair and decided to order the pattern she used, Eva Dress 4536.

The pattern was extremely easy to follow, even though it's unprinted, except for the back fastenings/buttonholes. That was not explained clearly and so I just winged (wang? wung?) it and everything turned out satisfactorily. :)

The fabric is 6 oz. (very lightweight) denim from JoAnn's, lined with a flannel print from same. I believe I was able to use coupons on both. The cute square buttons are from the stash--I bought a jar of vintage buttons from the antique store once for $5.

These overalls have certainly been a Godsend! I wore them almost every day last winter and they are SO comfortable and cozy! The flannel lining makes things just about perfect. Very pleased.

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