September 30, 2014

'Lace in Combat' Outfit and Some Thoughts on New Projects

Hello all! Awhile since I have updated the blog but I have been very busy both costuming and acting in a play. I hope to have the pics from that up soon. In the meantime, here is my latest doll creation: the 'Lace in Combat' outfit, featuring an army jacket, dress, leggings, necklace and boots made by yours truly.

I have dozens of ideas and inspiration for new projects and new posts to revitalize my blog. I hope now that the play is over I'll have more time, but we'll see. There are so many things grabbing for my attention. I believe I forgot to mention that I snagged a Singer 4411 Heavy-Duty during the Labor Day sale at Joann's and I have been thoroughly enjoying it! It sews twice as fast as a normal machine and for a speed sewer like me, it's heaven. Easy to thread and use too--my first machine with a top-loading bobbin, if you can believe it. I promptly christened it 'George'.

Aaaaand with the new machine has come a new interest in sewing...I've been picking up half-yards of fabrics on sale for doll dresses since there is a Joann's now five minutes from my house (yay!) and a Hobby Lobby ten minutes away. I think it might probably turn out to be too much temptation in the long run, but I'm having fun for now! ;)

I've also been thinking about doing a 'cheap but nice looking college outfit of the day' series, lol...would any of you be interested in that? Most of my finds are from thrift stores and it's fun figuring out how to dress nicely on the cheap.

Also there is a list of sewing projects running through my head...I really want to make a winter coat, have purchased the fashion fabric for it in fact, so that is a major one...there's an infinity scarf or two....a drapey sweater orange skirt and a teal sweater I want to refashion...and a whole bunch of doll dresses too. I guess we'll see what happens. ;)

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