February 20, 2016

Crocheted Sontag Pattern

Since posting my Civil War Sontag I have had many requests for the crocheted version of the pattern that I used. Unfortunately the link I had posted to it seems to have been taken down and the pattern is subsequently nowhere to be found. However, you are in luck! While going through my sewing binder a few days ago I found a hard copy that I had printed out. Please remember this is not my pattern. If anyone remembers where the original pattern came from, please let me know so I can give proper credit. Enjoy!

April 15, 2015

A Plethora of Patterns!

I have posted a plethora of vintage patterns in the shop! All from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Go take a look!

December 26, 2014

A Red Silk Taffeta Christmas Dress

About three years ago my best friends gave me a length of red silk taffeta for my birthday--real silk taffeta! I quietly determined that I wanted most of it to go towards my first Civil War ballgown (which, sadly, has yet to materialize) but couldn't help wishing for a vintage-styled Christmas dress.


The design was heavily inspired by Audrey Hepburn's 50s dresses and some vintage pattern covers. I used a 1950s mail order pattern from the stash (my grandparents found it in the dumpster!) for the princess lines, drafted the yoke myself, and shortened the sleeves from the jacket in the pattern. The pattern was just my size and fit perfectly, no adjustments. I love vintage patterns!

This dress was a dream to sew up. I had never worked with silk or silk taffeta before so I was a bit nervous starting out, not knowing how the fabric would react to my handling, cutting, marking and stitching. If you've never sewn with silk taffeta before, I would highly recommend it! The taffeta gives it a subtle texture so the pieces aren't slippery at all; it cuts precisely, presses neatly, doesn't wrinkle badly (at least mine didn't) and has a lovely sheen and rustle.

Four cautions: the silk does show pin/stitch marks (I would recommend silk pins--also, this does make ripping/resewing a bit of a stresser); don't get water on it (it will spot, so watch that steam setting on your iron to see that it doesn't drip!); the fabric does fray, so you will need to finish your seams; and if you wash it, I am told it will lose its crispness.

Eventually I hope to add a large bow to the back waistline, redo the zipper and make a headband or hairbow to go with it!
I wish I had pictures of me wearing the dress; I actually didn't get to wear it the past two Christmases so it has only seen the light of one Christmas Day and a couple of swing dances. Maybe next year I can get together a photoshoot!  That would be so fun.

September 30, 2014

'Lace in Combat' Outfit and Some Thoughts on New Projects

Hello all! Awhile since I have updated the blog but I have been very busy both costuming and acting in a play. I hope to have the pics from that up soon. In the meantime, here is my latest doll creation: the 'Lace in Combat' outfit, featuring an army jacket, dress, leggings, necklace and boots made by yours truly.

I have dozens of ideas and inspiration for new projects and new posts to revitalize my blog. I hope now that the play is over I'll have more time, but we'll see. There are so many things grabbing for my attention. I believe I forgot to mention that I snagged a Singer 4411 Heavy-Duty during the Labor Day sale at Joann's and I have been thoroughly enjoying it! It sews twice as fast as a normal machine and for a speed sewer like me, it's heaven. Easy to thread and use too--my first machine with a top-loading bobbin, if you can believe it. I promptly christened it 'George'.

Aaaaand with the new machine has come a new interest in sewing...I've been picking up half-yards of fabrics on sale for doll dresses since there is a Joann's now five minutes from my house (yay!) and a Hobby Lobby ten minutes away. I think it might probably turn out to be too much temptation in the long run, but I'm having fun for now! ;)

I've also been thinking about doing a 'cheap but nice looking college outfit of the day' series, lol...would any of you be interested in that? Most of my finds are from thrift stores and it's fun figuring out how to dress nicely on the cheap.

Also there is a list of sewing projects running through my head...I really want to make a winter coat, have purchased the fashion fabric for it in fact, so that is a major one...there's an infinity scarf or two....a drapey sweater thingy....an orange skirt and a teal sweater I want to refashion...and a whole bunch of doll dresses too. I guess we'll see what happens. ;)

July 16, 2014

Cecile's Summer Dress

Addy enjoys modeling.
This dress was a request from a client--she wanted one of higher quality than American Girl's version and more similar to the book illustration as well.

American Girl's cheaply made and sucky version...
(not my photo)

...vs. the book illustration!
I had so much fun making this dress! From the search for an appropriately yellow fabric and mint trim just the right shade,

I couldn't find yellow striped fabric, so I sewed down stripes of cream-colored ribbon instead.

 to the pretty lace on the petticoat and the pleating of all that tiny trim (it may seem tedious but I adore it) 

to the meticulous skirt gauging, I enjoyed every minute. I don't know, I just really enjoy the challenge of making something similar to a picture, finding the right fabrics and trims and deconstructing the pattern from mere clues. And this one was a bit of a doozy--look at those sleeves! And that yoke! 

I wish I had a cage crinoline to show off that full skirt!
The blouse pattern was one I modified (slashed & spread it as well as added a yoke) from the American Girl Kirsten patterns. The sleeves were from Josefina's patterns, again heavily modified. And then I just added a full & long skirt (to fit over a cage crinoline) and a high collar, and there you go! 

I don't know about you, but I think my version is vastly superior to American Girl's *sniffs*

Yellow Fabric: thrift store blouse
Mint Trim: Hobby Lobby
Lining: a sheet my grandma gave me //  cotton lace from JoAnn's

June 17, 2014

Addy's Apple Picking Dress

Addy loves this pumpkin-colored paisley dress! It's trimmed in cheerful red, with puffed sleeves and a yoked/pleated bodice. It even has a white collar and cuffs, very accurate.

I took inspiration from several Civil War CDVs for this dress, and sewed it up with special details such as piping at the yoke line and a full gauged skirt. You can find it in the shop

I think Addy rather likes it, don't you?

June 12, 2014

Isabel and Cecile

Isabel is from England, 1592
Two lovely dolls in the shop today--I found them at a second-hand store and as I already own each, have decided to find new homes for these two lovely ladies.

Cecile is from France, 1711

For those who don't know, Isabel and Cecile were once a part of the "Girls of Many Lands" collection, which was discontinued by American Girl several years ago. Both of these dolls are in perfect, collector's condition. For more photos, please visit my Etsy shop. They would make wonderful gifts!