December 30, 2011

A 1950s Valentine Dress...for a Valen-tiny Girl!

 I made this dress for a little girl who loves pink. It's based on this 1950s pattern (below), which I only had a photo of. I used an old girl's dress pattern (out of print) for the bodice front & back, a drafted sleeve pattern, and made a circle skirt from these instructions. Put it all together and voila!

I based it on a combination of the two white dresses, except I forgot to dart the bodice! The belt snaps in the back. The buttons are all different vintage buttons from my stash. None of them have matches.

The dress fabric is actually an old pink cotton sheet that my mother no longer wanted, and the red pocket and belt are some scraps of silk taffeta from the stash. The lace was given to me by an older lady who no longer sews and the belt buckle is from my grandma. All in all, a $0 project!

Doesn't it go fab with the red gloves and sweet little sweater? Oh-so-fifties. There's a little petticoat under there too, to make the skirts stand out just right.


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