May 15, 2014

Doll Clothes, Vintage Sewing Machines, and an Etsy Shop!

Lots of big news here! I have finally, after much deliberation, opened my own Etsy shop. At the moment I am primarily making doll clothes but am open to requests/commissions of another nature. (Email me at ladysresource (at) to discuss orders or if you have any questions.)

Anywhoo, on to the pretties!

'Caroline's Herb Gathering Dress'

The linen apron was made from a pair of pants I got off the 50 cent rack at Salvation Army!
This ensemble was inspired by the newest addition to American Girl's historical line, the regency-era Caroline. It features a cotton printed dress, linen apron, necklace, and a basket of accessories for tramping through the woods.

Gathering basket, bandages, dried flowers and real glass bottles!

'When Wishes Come True' dress

And here we have Kit modeling the "When Wishes Come True" comes with a tiny 'Wish Dust' necklace! Both ensembles are for sale in my Etsy shop. Plus more to come ;)

The most challenging part of all of this is opening a shop without any sewing supplies! All of my sewing stuff is still packed away in storage and I am making do with what my grandmother has lying around....which means I get to sew everything on her 1963 Singer Featherweight!!

This machine is a dream. It's an absolute dream. At 50 years old, it sews better than either of my modern (name-brand) sewing machines--although it only does one stitch. It takes heavy fabrics very well. It's lovely and adorable and tiny and quirky and very, very quiet. My grandma bought it in 1963 to patch my grandpa's Navy jeans and paid $3 a month on it. (!) I think I shall christen it 'Betsy'.

My grandma also graciously donated the use of her dining room and dining room table, you can see all of my various upcoming projects. ;) I've never had a room specifically devoted to sewing, nor a large enough surface (besides the floor) to cut on so I'm very grateful.

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  1. Congratulations on your new Etsy shop!
    Those old machines do seem to work a lot better especially for heavier fabrics. I have an old one from the early sixties that my mom had given to her used when she was in high school and my grandma's (she was born in 1912) old Singer pedal sewing machine.
    Oh, and my mom's name is Betsy ;)