February 4, 2013

Mid-Ninteenth Century Slippers

Stitch a Ride Flat, Modcloth

There are a couple of new pairs of flats at Modcloth that are reminding me of 19th century slippers.

Down Luxury Lane Flat, Modcloth

As far as I know, slippers of the 19th century were based on dancing slippers of the time period, made from woolwork embroidery pieces and mostly had cork soles.

Berlin Wool Work Slippers, c. 1850

They could be worn by men and women in the house, like we wear slippers today. Embroidery patterns for such slippers were popular in magazines of the time period such as Godey's.

Embroidered Deerskin Slippers, c. 1820s

In Little Women much is made of the fact that Marmee's carpet slippers are getting worn, and Jo buys her a new pair with her Christmas money.

Men's House Slippers, 1855
 Later Beth embroiders a pair with pansies for the elderly gentleman next door, Mr Laurence.

19th c. slippers, embroidered but uncut
Such a gift was thought appropriate at the time and a pair worn to a modern living history event, with an appropriate wrapper or smoking jacket, would be a lovely sight to see.

Floral Slipper Embroidery Pattern from Englishwoman's Magazine
To learn more about 19th century slippers, check out this thread.

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