March 21, 2012

First Day of Spring: Warm Weather Wardrobe Inspiration

Taking a break from posting sewing projects to bring you a bit of inspiration. :) I already have a separate page for this but I just couldn't resist adding some of my favorites right here.

Once again I spent the entire winter in pants and they are so boring. I'm really dying to get out the spring clothes, skirts and dresses and cardigans and sandals, and wear something pretty and feminine for a change. As I told one of my friends recently, I want to wear nothing but sundresses for three months!

I really love Esme's striped sundress. See how the pieces are cut on different grains of fabric to emphasize the stripes? The whole design is simple, tailored and feminine. Easy to work in, easy to wear.

{McCall's 6802; via etsy)
 Early 60s seem to be the theme of this spring and summer; at least where I'm concerned! I think this McCall's design is quite classy and reminds me of a dress that Joan Greenwood wore in the Moon-Spinners (1964).

{via etsy}
 This dress is so completely Easter-ish and springy! Again, a very basic design with a border print to liven things up, and attention to detail (notice the pale pink piping at the waist!).

{Butterick 9764; via etsy}
I'm loving View A; it's very simple with some extra-special touches (are you sensing a theme here?). Ordinary enough to wear at home; just fancy enough to wear out. I love versatility.

Gorgeous 50s style sundress! It's exactly the sort of thing I want to make. Casual, vintage, summery, with a modern twist.

Also Inspiring to Me of Late:

I loved this post about taking wardrobe inspiration from Roman Holiday, my all-time favorite movie! website that plays nothing but the sound of rain, and it's looped, so it never stops!

Natural Dior at dustjacketattic.

Utility cloths at Pleasant View Schoolhouse...pretty and practical, with a variety of uses.

Amanda Beth's post on "Audrey Style"--she states everything I think and says it better than I ever could.

Fifties Frocks has some gorgeous designs, very inspired by them right now. :)

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